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How to Remove Pet Stains From Carpet? Call Sure Clean Carpets for the Best Pet Carpet Cleaning Services!?

Long Beach pet owners know that our furry little friends bring us immense joy—98% of the time, at least! The remaining 2% probably involves a nasty mess on the couch or carpet. Whether your favorite animal friend is a cat, rat, ferret, or dog, it’s a fact of life that living with our pet pals sometimes means big odors and spills. And that leads to double the frustration for you as a pet owner: your animal can’t rightly understand why they’ve upset you, and you have to do the hard work of scrubbing a couch or carpet for hours.

See, even with distilled vinegar and a whole lot of elbow grease, pet stains and odors aren’t the easiest thing to remove from the fibers of your furniture. We at Sure Clean Carpets have a radical suggestion: why not save yourself the trouble and call the professionals? Sure, we’re a little biased—as the top providers of pet carpet cleaning services in the city, we’ve seen the anger and grief that can result from a bad carpet or furniture cleaning job by amateurs.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Solution for Pet Urine Odor

Pet urine is a special case. It contains many different compounds and chemicals that give it its distinctive smell. That’s why a one-size-fits-all home remedy like vinegar or baking soda is rarely enough to keep your home looking and feeling fresh after one of life’s little accidents.

Professional carpet cleaners have the tool and experience to tackle even the toughest of pet odors and stains. At Sure Clean Carpets, we use three different technologies: suction, heat, and chemistry. This ensures that every aspect of the mess is cleaned out of the fibers in your carpet or furniture. Dog peed on your couch, or worse? No problem. We’ve got it covered.

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Urine From My Stuff?

You’ve probably exhausted all possible home remedies by this point trying to figure out the best way to freshen up your home. No matter where you hide Jasper’s litter box, it seems like the odor of cat urine follows you.

Cat urine is probably the most pervasive pet odor you can deal with. If you’ve already bought a self-cleaning litter box and tried spraying some air freshener, call the professionals in for an odor audit. There’s probably a spot you’ve missed. When you call Sure Clean Carpets, we go the extra mile to make sure your home looks and smells as new as the day you moved in. Between carpet cleaning and our special pet odor removal techniques, we’re the best choice in Long Beach for when you need to impress your friends and family with a beautiful home.

Give us a call and we’re happy to provide a free estimate. Let us show you how the best carpet cleaning solution for pet urine odor is to put down the spray bottle and give us a call!